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TechCM has been a presence in the South Florida business community since 2003. Our dedicated team has always strived to provide the absolute best products and services to our customers. Our programming and support team is top-notch and worked for years creating K9ERP to give any business the technology and software they truly need to become the best at what they do. Our flagship product, K9ERP, provides an unparalleled infrastructure to help any business succeed.


We created K9ERP with the mid-size and small business in mind. Most businesses have a lot of moving parts, regardless of their size. Simple accounting software just isn't enough. K9ERP was conceptualized, developed and launched to give any size business all the tools they need to run their business - accounting, inventory control, warehouse management, sales, CRM, Workflow control, Business Intelligence and much more; all integrated in one affordable package that makes sense.


TechCM is 100% based in the United States. Located in South Florida with travel and support capabilities across the United States, Canada and the Caribbean, TechCM strives to provide quality service to all of our clients. For local clients as well as those outside of the region, remote or phone support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We understand the importance of keeping our customers functioning at full speed at all times.


At TechCM, we pride ourselves on knowing what is best for our customers and where to get it. We only recommend quality service partners and software services. The list of integrated partners is always growing as we research and find new products and services that we feel will benefit our clients.

With so many software services available, we know our clients do not have time to do extensive research, so we have already done it. At TechCM, we make it easy for our clients to know they are getting the best software and services. We are constantly searching and researching for top quality products and services.

This country became what it is thanks to small business owners who never compromised.

We believe no matter the size of the business, each company should be afforded the opportunity to compete on a level playing field. K9ERP provides the tools necessary to do just that.

Department Sync

K9ERP connects all departments within a company so decisions are made based on exactly the same, accurate, real-time information.

Financial Controls

ALL financials are included with K9ERP, keeping track of all transactions in one easy-to-access system.

Inventory Management

In K9ERP, inventory is tracked from the initial order from the vendor or manufacturer through the final sale to final payment. Whatever your method - LIFO, FIFO or a custom internal process - it is easy to track and manage within K9ERP.

Credit Card Integration

Payments are the lifeline of any business big or small. K9ERP has integrated credit card processing, allowing payments and receipt recording to happen at the same time, in one system. We know how important credit card acceptance is, and we found a partner to make it happen.

When we created K9ERP, we wanted to make every aspect of the business process as easy as possible. We've integrated services that help us accomplish that for our clients.

- Amit Waisserberg, CEO

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